Gypsum Volumetric Plaster: Benefits, Application Techniques, and Cost Analysis

Are you in need of high-quality plaster for your construction project? Look no further than Gypsum Volumetric Plaster! Our plaster offers numerous benefits over traditional plaster, including:

  • Durability: Our plaster is highly resistant to damage from moisture, cracking, and shrinking.
  • Smooth application: Our plaster is easy to apply and spreads smoothly over any surface.
  • Increased volume: Our plaster expands slightly during application, providing a denser, more consistent finish.

In addition, our team of experts can guide you through the application process to ensure that you achieve the best results possible. And with our cost analysis, you can be sure that you’re getting the most value for your money. Contact us today to learn more!

Gypsum Volumetric Plaster: Benefits

Durable and Long-Lasting

Gypsum Volumetric Plaster is known for its durability and long-lasting finish. This is due to the material’s resistance to cracking and other types of damage that may occur over time. This makes it a great option for high-traffic areas or areas that may be exposed to moisture or humidity.

Easy to Apply

One of the great benefits of Gypsum Volumetric Plaster is its ease of application. Unlike other types of plaster, it doesn’t require a complex mix of compounds, making it easier for contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike to achieve a smooth finish on walls and ceilings.

Design Flexibility

Gypsum Volumetric Plaster can be easily molded or sculpted into various designs, making it a great option for creating artistic finishes. It’s also available in a wide range of colors and textures, which allows for even more design flexibility.


Compared to other finishing materials, Gypsum Volumetric Plaster is a cost-effective option. It’s easy to apply, requires minimal maintenance, and doesn’t need to be replaced as often as other materials, making it an excellent long-term investment.

Application Techniques


The first step to applying gypsum volumetric plaster is preparing the surface it will be applied to. The surface must be clean, dry, and free from dust, grease, or other contaminants. Any loose or flaky material should be removed and any cracks or holes should be filled with a suitable filler.

It is important to ensure that the surface has a good level of porosity to allow for adequate adhesion. If the surface is too dense or non-porous, a bonding agent can be used to improve adhesion.


Gypsum volumetric plaster can be applied by hand or with a spray machine.

When applying by hand, it is important to work quickly and avoid overworking the material. The plaster should be applied in a thin layer first, building up to the desired thickness in subsequent applications.

When using a spray machine, it is important to ensure that the plaster is being applied evenly and that the surface is not being oversprayed or undersprayed. A skilled operator will be able to achieve the desired finish with ease.


Gypsum volumetric plaster can be finished to a range of textures and finishes, depending on the desired effect. A smooth finish can be achieved by troweling the plaster in one direction, while a textured finish can be achieved by troweling in a circular motion or using a texturing roller or brush.

After the plaster has been allowed to dry, it can be sanded to achieve a smoother finish, or sealed with a suitable sealant to protect the surface from moisture and other damage.

Gypsum Volumetric Plaster: Cost Analysis

Cost-effective solution for high-quality finishes

Gypsum volumetric plaster is a cost-effective solution for high-quality finishes. It provides an attractive and smooth finish that can be applied quickly and easily, resulting in lower labor costs. Additionally, gypsum volumetric plaster requires minimal maintenance, reducing long-term costs.

Low-cost application with excellent results

Gypsum volumetric plaster is a low-cost application that provides excellent results. Because it can be applied quickly and easily, labor costs are reduced, making it an affordable option for building owners and contractors. Additionally, because gypsum volumetric plaster is durable and requires little maintenance, long-term costs are minimal.

Cost savings compared to traditional plaster finishes

Compared to traditional plaster finishes, gypsum volumetric plaster offers significant cost savings. Traditional plaster finishes require multiple coats, resulting in higher labor costs and longer application times. In contrast, gypsum volumetric plaster can be applied in a single coat, reducing labor costs and application time. Additionally, because gypsum volumetric plaster requires minimal maintenance, long-term costs are lower than with traditional plaster finishes.

Cost Comparison: Gypsum Volumetric Plaster Traditional Plaster Finishes
Labor Costs Lower Higher
Application Time Shorter Longer
Maintenance Costs Less More
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